The Washington Standard: As Male Takes Another Girls’ Sports Title, Movement Grows to Keep Sexes Separate

On November 8, a biological male took first place in a high school girls’ cross country championship meet in California. While the incident marked the latest example of a school allowing a gender confused male to compete against females and claim a title, a growing effort is underway across the country to keep the sexes separated for sports in order to foster fairness and safety.

In California’s Coastal Mountain Conference Championship, a male Sonoma Academy runner using the name Athena Ryan took first place in the 2.97 mile varsity cross country race, beating the second place finisher by 15 seconds. The Independent Council on Women’s Sports (ICONS) noted that Ryan being allowed to race in the girls’ event and finishing first meant that “[Technology High School] freshman Josie Hill was cheated out of her Conference title.”

The trend of biological males being allowed to compete in women and girls’ sports has increased exponentially over the last five years, and the result has been predictable. The Washington Stand has tallied over 30 instances in which males have claimed sports titles in female events, with the actual number likely much higher.

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