Second Funnel Wrap Up-Bills that Died

By: The Iowa Liberty Network

The second funnel deadline came on Friday March 31, 2023.  This funnel further limits what policy bills will continue to be considered the rest of session. (Excluding ways and means, appropriations, or government oversight bills, or bills sponsored by both Majority Leaders or placed on the unfinished business calendar by the Majority Leaders) 

Any bill that has not passed one chamber and the opposite chamber’s subcommittee/committee process is now dead for this year, except for those mentioned above as exceptions. The remaining weeks will primarily be focused on passing policy bills that passed the funnel or ways and means/appropriations bills that deal with the budget. Property tax bills have not been mentioned much this session because they are appropriations/ways and means bills and part of the budgetary process.  A policy bill can still be brought forward by the Majority Leaders in both chambers as sponsors. 

This article will focus on the bills that died:

Religious Freedom Bill (SF297)- A bill protecting religious freedom for healthcare providers and facilities who would refer a patient to another provider in the event a medical procedure, treatment, surgery, counseling or prescribing if it would violate a healthcare provider’s religious beliefs and moral convictions. This was never brought to the senate floor for a full floor vote. 

Private Property Bills:

(HF368)- A bill that puts some limitations on the use of eminent domain for hazardous liquid carbon pipelines. The bill creates a threshold that 90% of parcels must be signed on for voluntary easements before the IUB can issue a permit to the pipelines company, requires Federal safety standards for hazardous liquid carbon dioxide pipelines to be established before the IUB can issue a permit, and expands on the possible damages a landowner may receive due to the construction or operation of the pipeline. Landowners have requested that the threshold be changed to 90% of miles be obtained, rather than parcels, prior to eminent domain being available.  Was never assigned a subcommittee hearing in the Senate. 

(HF643)- A bill that requires land surveyors to receive permission from the current property owner prior to entry, unless in emergency situations. Was never assigned a subcommittee hearing in the Senate. 

Medical Freedom (SF506)- A bill that reforms the certificate of need process for mental health facilities and birth centers, removing burdensome regulations that have stifled these facilities from opening and operating in a free market. Passed the Senate 29-21 but was delayed being read in and assigned a committee in the House by the Speaker until the last day of funnel. 

Parental Rights (SF274)- A bill rewarding joint custody and joint physical care. This bill did not survive the subcommittee hearing in the House Judiciary Committee and was never called forward for a full floor vote in the Senate. 

Election Integrity (HF470)- A bill dealing with the conduct of elections related to absentee ballots, recounts, and contested gubernatorial elections.  This bill contained provisions that would require a citizen to post a bond in order to challenge whether a voter’s registration is valid which could limit the ability to clean up the voter registration rolls in a county or neighboring counties. This bill was not called forward for a full floor debate in the House.

Education Bills:

HF464- A bill removing immunization paperwork requirements for some CPI homeschooled children and removing the cap on students a family who utilizes IPI can teach. 

HF620- A bill prohibiting disciplinary action by a school district for an employee who uses a legal name for a student and fails to use the students preferred pronouns. 

HF132- A bill regarding social studies curriculum requirements, including teaching the differences between political ideologies and the principles of freedom and democracy that founded the United States. 

HF180- A bill regarding parental notification and consent for a child’s gender identity. 

HF616- A bill limiting spending on diversity, equity, and inclusion at regents institutions.

HF569- A bill relating to the enticement and sexual exploitation of minors and the dissemination of obscene material to minors. (HF646 is a similar bill that is still alive but lacks the dissemination of obscene materials to minors language.)

*None of the House Bills above were called forward for a full floor vote in the House. 

SF251- A bill limiting administrative costs for school districts. Passed the Senate floor 36-12 but was never assigned a subcommittee hearing in the House. 


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