Legislative Engagement

What We Support

We believe legislation in Iowa should primarily focus on protecting and restoring the rights and liberties of individuals. Corporations, government agencies, or the State and Federal governments shall not have the right to infringe on:

  • Life
  • Freedom of Speech
  • Freedom of Religion
  • Property, including Body Autonomy
  • Privacy
  • Self Defense
  • Due Process
  • Parental Rights

Engaging Your Legislators

Legislative accountability is essential to protecting our liberties and restoring those that have been diminished. We encourage you to talk with your legislators and stay in contact outside the legislative session.  Educate them on the issues most impacting individual rights across the state and find out what they are doing about them. This will help to further an issue and hold them accountable so that if they are not doing what is best for the rights of Iowans, you will know you need to find someone to hold them accountable in a primary.

Engaging in Local Politics

Find those in your town or county who are also interested in preserving liberty and start gathering. Build your own community even if it’s a handful of Constitutional conservatives who are determined to move the needle closer to liberty in Iowa and in your own county. Meet in person at least once a month. Make sure you are focused on activism and not just discussion and education.

Get to know your county supervisors, school board members, library board,and city council members. Choose a meeting of interest and start attending. Go to your county website to find out what appointed boards are in your county, find out when there are openings and how to apply to serve on a board.

Iowa Liberty Network can help you connect with others in your area. Please contact us for help.