James O’Keefe at the Iowa Liberty Fest Pt 1

I May Be the Only Man You’ve Ever Known Whose Been Arrested by the FBI Twice – James O’Keefe

September 16, 2023 in Johnston, Iowa The Iowa Liberty Network held the 2023 Iowa Liberty Fest in conjunction with GoEvents101. Prominent speakers such as Steve Deace, Connor Boyack the author of The Tuttle Twins, and the founder of Project Veritas & O’Keefe Media Group (OMG) James O’Keefe spoke for the audience.

James O’Keefe spoke about his experience with the FBI arresting him after a prank with Lousiana senator Marilyn Andrews. After being placed under probation and unable to leave his home, James mailed cameras out to people in New Hampshire and exposed voter fraud in New Hampshire while unable to leave his house on probation.

To see more videos from Iowa Liberty Fest, go to IowaRaw on Rumble, https://rumble.com/c/IowaRaw

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