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Doug Campbell is a 5th-generation Iowan. Growing up, he had a family business, Campbell Heating Company which became Campbell Industries, Inc. in 1964. The family business manufactured commercial heating and cooling systems for many applications, but predominantly for elevator grain dryers, which later branched into seed drying for Funk, Dekalb, and Pioneer seed corn dryers.

Doug’s interest was not inclined to the family business of drying and storing grain. So, in 1975 he attended Drake University College of Pharmacy, graduating midterm in December 1978. Upon graduation and licensure, he accepted his first job in Mason City, Iowa. Doug married his wife, a southern belle, (Karen) in 1983 and brought her back to Iowa. They have two adult children, Grant and Elizabeth.

Doug retired from practicing pharmacy in 2014 but still retains an active license as a Registered Pharmacist. Doug founded a company that develops Intellectual Property associated with developing and formulating nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals.

Doug’s faith instructs him to love God and his fellow man, and he believes this is his primary motivation for serving my fellow man by seeking office in our state government.

Below is a link describing the issues Doug will champion as your state senator:

Issues | Doug Campbell

Doug Campbell for Iowa Senate 30

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Josue Rodriguez Iowa House District 97

Josue Rodriguez, a native of Queens, New York, was raised in public housing and learned from its challenges. This developed a strong determination to confront challenges head-on. Raised in a vibrant diverse community, Josue understood the values of perseverance and tenacity from an early age. As the child of first-generation immigrants, Josue embodies the essence of the American dream as a second-generation success story.

After graduating from Life Pacific University with a bachelor’s degree in ministry and leadership, Josue began his work as a local pastor moving to Davenport in 2017. He has joyfully served his community for years. From his involvement in community events, teaching Spanish at the local High School, and working in the public sector, Josue remains committed to positively influencing his community. Now, as a devoted husband and father of two,

Josue's passion for advocacy and empowerment continues to drive him forward, desiring to uplift his community and inspire positive change for future generations.

Rodriguez for Iowa House 97

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Judd Lawler Iowa House District 91

Judd is a 7th-generation Iowan who grew up in Poweshiek and Johnson Counties. In his youth, he mowed lawns, flipped burgers, painted houses, was a Bible camp counselor, and worked on his grandparents’ farm. 

Later, he served as an Assistant U.S. Attorney, defending taxpayer dollars from frivolous litigation and prosecuting white-collar criminals. More recently, he has been a homeschooling father and homesteader. Judd has lived in rural Iowa for the last 18 years with his wife, Dr. Ericka Lawler, and their two children, Claire and Henry.

Judd Lawler for Iowa House 91

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Samantha Fett Iowa House District 22

Samantha Fett lives in Carlisle, IA with her husband Josh of 22 years, raising two daughters, Sophia, a graduate of Iowa State University, and Cecelia, currently attending Grand Canyon University. Originally from the Chicago suburbs, Samantha came to Iowa to attend Drake University in Des Moines, IA, graduating with a degree in journalism and advertising in 2001. After meeting her husband, she fell in love with rural living and decided to make Iowa the place to raise a family. Her and her husband are active members at Holy Cross Lutheran Church and have a passion for supporting youth in the community.

Samantha has spent 20 years in the media and marketing field, including a leadership position running the Iowa Newspaper Association’s print and digital division for more than a decade. She also runs a marketing firm, Mercury Boost, committed to effective communication through digital channels. Samantha is a former Carlisle School Board member, which is what grew her passion for education and advocating for education solutions for parents in Iowa. She is also the chair of the Mom's for Liberty Chapter in Warren County, IA, and serves as a regional ambassador for Inspired Life, advocating for educational freedom in the state.

Samantha Fett for Iowa House 22

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Wendy Larson Iowa House District 7

Wendy is a wife of 24 years and a home-schooling mother of 3. I am a small business owner in Odebolt who puts God and family above all else.  Among other things, I have served as a middle school youth leader, a deaconess at Kiron Baptist Church, and a volunteer at the Mobile Food Pantry, I am a constitutional conservative who knows what it takes to help the community.

Wendy graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in marketing.  "The things I stand for: I’m Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Pro-2nd Amendment, Less Government-More Freedom, No Foreign Land Ownership, and against the CO2 Pipeline.  I set my standards high and will not stop fighting until every voice in my district is heard".

Wendy Larson For House 7

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Christian Hermanson Iowa House District 50

A 5th generation Iowan, Christian grew up on a family farm near Lake Mills in Winnebago County. In the early 2000s, he made a significant life change by moving to Bloomington, MN where he embraced a life of service, contribution, and hard work. The call of home eventually grew too strong, and, in January 2020, he moved home to North Iowa. A committed military veteran, Christian last served as a Reserve Senior Leader with US European Command in Stuttgart, Germany. His career, marked by multiple global combat deployments, culminated in his retirement this spring as Chief Master Sergeant with 29 years of decorated service. 

Beyond his military endeavors, Christian has built a career in property management and enjoys spending time with his three young granddaughters. His dedication to community service extends to his prior career as a police officer with the US Dept. of Veterans Affairs in Minneapolis, where he confronted the challenges of mental health, drug abuse, and crime head-on.

Christian Hermanson for Iowa House 59

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