Get Involved

Are you ready to help us restore and preserve liberty in Iowa?  Not sure where to start?

First, consider what your strengths are. We all have time, treasure and talent to some degree. Money is tight for some so giving treasures is not our strength however we are willing to volunteer our time. Others are too busy to devote time to the preservation of liberty however you are willing to make a donation to help us get the right people elected and to help reach more Iowans who share your values and concerns. And still others have talent in an area of need. That might include being able to pen good letters to the editor, organizing a local meeting, or the ability to recruit more grassroots Iowans to the team.

If you would like to contribute monetarily, please visit the PAC page or click on the red donate button in the upper right hand corner or you can mail a check to:

Iowa Liberty Network
P.O. Box 352
Le Mars, Iowa 51031

If you want to donate your time and talents, ask yourself the following:

  • Do you want to focus on local or state issues or both?
  • Do you like working behind the scenes or do you enjoy leading the charge?
  • What issues are most important to you and your family?
  • Are you already connected to a local group that supports your priorities?
  • Are you willing to lead an effort or a local group if you have some assistance getting started?
  • Do you feel called to run for office?

If you want to get more involved with Iowa Liberty Network but not sure how to plug in, complete this survey and we will contact you to discuss how you can partner with us.