CTA: HELP SF496 CROSS THE FINISH LINE: The Iowa Education Omnibus Bill

By: Iowans 4 Freedom

If SF496 doesn’t pass, all of Iowa’s hard work may be in vain. It was passed by the House with several important amendments and is currently being considered by the Senate.

I met with House Representative Dan Gehlbach for coffee on April 5th, the day after SF496 passed through the House with a comprehensive 40 page amendment We discussed the importance of getting this legislation to the governors desk. The following is what he had to say about the bill.

This bill, Senate File 496, is the product of a lot of hard work by the House Education Committee. We are looking forward to working out any differences with the Senate so we can get it to the governors desk as soon as possible. Our mission is to empower all parents in the state of Iowa and to do what’s right for Iowa Families.

What this bill does in a nutshell

*from Representative Gehlbach

The House amended the legislation, sending it back to the Senate for their consideration. There’s quite a bit in this bill, so let’s break down the big pieces.

Policy already passed by the House (contained in amendment H-1173)

  • Ensures all books in schools are “age appropriate.”
  • It explicitly states that age appropriate books do not include books that contain graphic images or descriptions of a sex act.
  • Yes, this does seem like it should be a no brainer. Unfortunately, many books of that nature have been found in Iowa schools.
  • Prohibits curriculum on gender identity or sexual orientation in K-6th grade.
  • Reforms the makeup of the Board of Educational Examiners to 5 parents, 5 licensed practitioners and 1 school board member, ensuring parents are represented.
  • Creates new pathways to license teachers to address the teacher shortage.
Lend Your Support
  • please support our efforts to protect our rights and liberties and the innocence Of Iowa’s children.

New policy not previously passed by the House

  • Both the House and Senate want to ensure that schools can’t keep secrets from parents about their child’s gender identity. However, the House amended the bill sent to us by the Senate and passed our language on the matter.
  • Our amendment states that if a student requests an accommodation at school for a gender identity that is different than their sex at birth, the teacher must report that information to the administration and the administration must tell the parents.
  • We believe our language is a simpler approach to this. There isn’t room for discretion, bias, or an agenda. The trigger for when the parents must be informed is very clear.
  • It also removes the teacher from the situation so they can stick to what they really signed up to do – teaching.
  • The bill also removes the requirement in code to teach about AIDS and the HPV vaccine.
  • There is a lot of misconception around this piece of the bill so let me be clear – the bill does not prohibit instruction on either of these topics, it just eliminates the requirement.


As of today the legislation is being negotiated between the House and Senate Leaders and the Governor’s Office. They need to hear from us.

Please Email

Senate Majority Leader jack.whitver@legis.iowa.gov

Senate President amy.sinclair@legis.iowa.gov

Senate Education Chair ken.rozenboom@legis.iowa.gov

Governor Reynolds (call and register an opinion)

Let them know that Iowa’s children and Iowa parental rights need to be protected. We want them to bring SF 496 to the floor for a vote along with the important amendment (H-1173) mentioned above.

Example Subject: pass SF496 with amendment H-1173

Tell them your story. Let them know how urgent it is that we get this legislation passed with the important amendments.


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