Constitutional Conservatives Launch Iowa Liberty Network

Press Release

Date: 2/8/2023

LE MARS—Constitutional conservative Iowans are launching a new political action committee as they aim to offer an alternative to politics as usual. Iowa Liberty Network (ILN) is being founded to unite grassroots constitutional conservatives behind quality candidates willing to serve We the People.

“Iowa Liberty Network is for Iowans who know that their liberties and constitutional freedoms are under a ubiquitous assault.  They know those freedoms and liberties are not being defended and are all too often undermined by political class establishment Republicans and Democrats,” said Iowa Liberty Network’s Chairman Jim Carlin. “We are deeply concerned about the future of our children and grandchildren.  We have watched the America we grew up with being systematically dismantled spiritually, politically, socially, and economically. It’s time to stop the games of the political parties, stop the Left versus Right narrative and embrace the principles that made America exceptional.”

While much attention is given to the federal level, the truth is that the federal system is broken.  It is imperative that Iowans ensure a state that lives up to its motto — “Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain.”

“The state governments created the federal system and are supposed to be the stronger of the governments,” said Barb Clayton, ILN founding member from NW Iowa. “That is where our focus belongs. We must preserve and restore liberty. We must focus on state sovereignty, finding and supporting candidates who understand the role of state government and embrace the challenge of protecting its citizens from an overreaching federal government.”

Iowa Liberty Network (ILN) is a coalition of grassroots groups across the state. It is focused on recruiting, training, and funding conservative candidates for office.  Once elected, ILN engages with legislators on current issues and legislation, with the defining objective being the preservation of our liberties endowed by our Creator.

Our Founders’ faith in God played a definitive role in the birth of our nation. “Reclaiming our nation’s heritage of faith in Almighty God is critical,” says Stacey Insisiengmay, ILN founding member from Scott County. “We are dedicated to praying for those who are in positions of authority.” Stacey added, “Our motto for ILN is based on 2 Corinthians 3:17, ‘where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.’” 

“We need to elect individuals willing to take a stand and preserve our natural rights regardless of who is in charge. ILN will inform Iowans on issues, bills, and how our elected officials have taken action or the lack thereof. We can no longer afford to do anything other than elect people based on principles over party,” said Lindsay Maher, ILN founding member from Polk County.

“We are changing the rules as far as who can make a substantive difference in politics in Iowa,” said Leslie Beck, ILN founding member from Madison County.  “It will no longer be just those with established top-down power calling the shots. Every day Iowans will now have a true voice.”

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