Congressman King Joins Trent Loos to Expose CO2 Pipeline Corruption and Land Seizures

Nov. 8, 2023

In this episode, Trent is joined by Congressman Steve King, a Republican from Iowa. They dive into a heated topic: the CO2 Pipeline. Congressman King sheds light on the concerning aspects of this project, mainly focusing on the corruption intertwined in both the government and corporate sectors.

He explains how this corruption isn’t just a matter of unethical practices but has real consequences for regular American citizens. The CO2 Pipeline, which should be a straightforward infrastructure project, is mired in controversial practices. One of the most alarming issues they discuss is how this pipeline is being used as a tool for private corporations to forcibly take over private land. This means everyday people are losing their properties without fair say or compensation, highlighting a significant misuse of power.

This episode of “Trent on the Loose” aims to bring attention to these injustices and the corrupt practices behind the CO2 Pipeline, emphasizing the need for accountability and the protection of American citizens’ rights.


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