Call to Action Tutorial:

(Please include a photo or graphic that can be shared with your call to

By: Individual or organization name requesting the CTA.

CALL TO ACTION: AB123 Bill Topic/Title

Scheduled for subcommittee/committee/floor debate on Day Of Week, Month ## at #
o’clock in Room ##.

AB123: Bill Topic/Title (short description of what the bill does)

Link to read the bill:  (insert link specific to the bill – you found that above)

ACTION NEEDED – Choose one or all!

1.       Email the members of the (House or Senate) ______ sub/Committee/full assembly
to let them know in the body of the email that you SUPPORT/OPPOSE AB123.
Individual emails are preferred; however bcc email is better than no email. Personal
stories on the impact this bill would have or would have had are helpful.  Keep your
email short and to the point.

*Subject line of an email should be the bill number or bill topic

*list email addresses for the Iowa Senate Committees/Iowa House Committees/full assembly

2.       Make public comments here: (link to public comment)

Start your comment with your position; I SUPPORT AB123.

3.       Attend the subcommittee/committee meeting. You can attend in person in
Room ## at the Iowa State Capitol at (time) or you can watch online at (Webex or zoom
link here).

4.       Speak at the subcommittee meeting. Time is typically limited to 3 minutes,
sometimes less. Priority for testimonies is given to those in attendance first and if there
is remaining time then to anyone on zoom (Senate side only there is no online
testimony in the House and testimony is only heard at subcommittee meetings).

Talking points are below; for your reference, personal stories about how the bill impacts
you are best. Keep it to as few sentences as possible. Anything longer will not be read.

*Insert a bullet point list of talking points that people can expand upon in their email or

Submit all calls to action to

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