CALL TO ACTION: Heartbeat Bill Special Session

Scheduled for
subcommittee/committee/floor debate
on 7/11/2023

Link to read the bill:

ACTION NEEDED – Choose one or all!

  1. Email the members of the legislature to let them know in the body of the email that you SUPPORT the heartbeat bill. Personal stories on the impact this bill would have or would have had are helpful. Keep your email short and to the point.
    Subject line: Support the heartbeat bill
  2. Make a public comment in SUPPORT here:
  3. Attend the subcommittee/committee/floor meeting. You can attend the House Public Hearing in person in Room #103 at the Iowa State Capitol from 9:30-11 AM, or you can watch online at
    You can attend the Senate subcommittee of the whole at 11:00 AM, most likely in Room 116. **Floor debate/vote will commence following the House Hearing and Senate Subcommittee of a Whole in the House and Senate chambers.
  4. Speak at the subcommittee meeting. Sign up to speak at the house public hearing: *Speakers are limited to 2 minutes, and the hearing will end at 11:00.
    For the Senate subcommittee of the whole, Speakers must be in attendance, and they will listen to as many testimonies as they have allotted time for.


  • protects life as soon as a heartbeat is detected via abdominal ultrasound.
  • Does contain multiple exceptions, such as abortion can be performed if the woman is raped, experienced incest, her life is at risk, or miscarriage.
  • Please make it known that while you support this bill, this bill does not go far enough to protect life. Abdominal ultrasound will likely not detect a heartbeat until 8-10 weeks pregnant. Life begins at conception; thus, it should be protected from conception on.


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