Call to Action from Informed Choice Iowa: Electronic Health Records Database/Data Utility Bill will go to the House Floor this week.

HF2623 seeks to put ALL medical records into a third party electronic database for ease of accessing records at any doctor’s office however it will also allow the data within it to be utilized.

Currently the bill allows for patients to “opt out” but it has no parameters regarding what is required for patients to be informed of their options. In other states who have implemented similar systems notification to opt out have been weak. A simple sign taped to a wall in a providers office was all that they were required to post to notify patients that they can opt out.

We ask Iowans to email their Representative in the Iowa House and ask them to vote for an amendment that will make the database an “OPT-IN” only to ensure patients will receive notification and information about the database prior to their private health data being included in it. If the amendment is not adopted then we recommend they vote no until this bill has better defined requirements for opting out.

To email all reps:

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