Call to Action: Carbon Pipeline/Eminent Domain – Request State Senators Bring Bills to Subcommittee and Full Committee Before the Funnel Deadline

Bills SF100 thru SF104 Provide Protection for Farmers & Other Rural Landowners & Curb Abuse of Eminent Domain 

Bill Summary:

 SF100  Requires public disclosure of pipeline investors’ names, addresses and dollar ranges if company is seeking eminent domain from the IUB

***SF101 Removes the power of eminent domain from the Iowa Utilities Board for hazardous liquid pipelines.*** (most important of the 5 bills)

 SF102 Removes legal permission from the pipeline companies to survey private land without permission.

SF103 Provides harassment protection for landowners during easement negotiations initiated by land agents working for the pipeline companies.

***SF104 Requires 90% voluntary easement threshold for eminent domain in regard to the proposed pipelines***

ACTION NEEDED – Send emails to the following Iowa State Senators requesting that SF100 thru SF104 be brought before the subcommittee and full Commerce Committee for discussion and to pass it to the full senate for a vote. 

  1. Email the members of the Senate Commerce Committee (addresses below)  to let them know that you SUPPORT SF100 thru SF104. These bills are assigned to Senator Waylon Brown and Senator Dan Dawson, so they are the two most essential senators to email.  Emailing the entire Committee helps ensure that, should the bills pass subcommittee, they will be well received in full committee. Individual emails are better however, bcc email is better than no email. Personal stories on the impact these bills would have or would have had are helpful.  Keep your email short and to the point.
  2. State Senator Waylon Brown, chair of the Commerce Committee 
  3. State Senators on the Commerce Committee (this also includes Senator Brown). You may want to do a separate email to him since he is the chair.
  4. If your state senator is not on the Commerce Committee, email or call him/her personally regarding this bill.  To find your legislator and contact info, click here:

Suggested Subject Line:  Words such as Eminent Domain,  CO2 Pipeline, (vary slightly so that it doesn’t look like a form letter)

Use your own words to tell the senator in the first paragraph what you want them to support and why. Indicate that you support the bills however do not indicate that in the subject line.  You want them to open your email to read it.   Make it sincere and to the point so that if all they read is the first few sentences, they will know where you stand.

Senate Commerce Committee

Talking points are below for your reference; however, legislators typically want to know your position. You do not need to write an essay. A few sentences will suffice. Use your own words as much as possible, but you can copy and paste some too. Just make it be from you.

Talking Points

  • SF101 is the most critical of the 5 bills:  The legislature, not the Iowa Utilities Board (IUB), should have authority to determine the fate of the pipeline. The state legislature will be accountable to the people whereas the IUB is not.
  • Suggest that SF104 could be amended to require 100% voluntary easement which, in effect, eliminates eminent domain.
  • If private companies are given the power of eminent domain to take privately owned land without public need, it will open the floodgates to future projects that trample our constitutional rights. If Iowa’s lawmakers don’t stop eminent domain for profit this time, there won’t be a next time.   
  • These pipelines will carry high-pressure Carbon Dioxide.  This is poison to all living animals.  It behaves as an asphyxiant, making it incredibly difficult for first responders to deal with.
  • CO2 supplies are low, and some food processing plants and beverage processing facilities are having to cut back on production because they are not able to get enough CO2.  Why would we capture it and pipe it underground?
  • Why does the Iowa Utilities Board get to make the decision on eminent domain?  The CO2 pipeline is not a public utility.  It is for the sole benefit of private enterprise and investors.

Here is a link to a verified group raising money to hire a conservative lobbyist and purchase radio ads. 

Carbon Pipeline Opposition Lobby Day at the Capitol

Here is the link to the Facebook invite. 

Tuesday, February 21st, 10:00 at the State Capital, lower level cafeteria. Wear Red!!


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