CALL TO ACTION: HF368 Bill/ Limiting eminent domain for CO2 pipelines

By: Iowa Liberty Network, Team Iowa and

  **Needs to be called to the floor for a vote in the House this week to survive funnel**

Read the bill: link needed

ACTION NEEDED – Choose one or all!

  1. Email the members of the entire House assembly to let them know in the body of the email that you SUPPORT HF368 and want them to bring it forward for a vote.  Individual emails are preferred however a bcc email is better than no email. Personal stories on the impact this bill will have are helpful.  Keep your email short and to the point. See talking points at the bottom as this bill doesn’t do everything Iowans want. 

*Subject line: Support HF368, limiting eminent domain, carbon pipeline, bring HF368 to the floor, etc. (vary this so it doesn’t look like a form letter) 

Or visit the following for a list of all Iowa House emails, to email them individually:

  1. Attend the rally on Wednesday, March 22 beginning at 11 AM on the west steps of the Iowa State Capitol. This is being organized by several landowners groups. Please wear red.
  2.  Donate to the effort to stop the use of eminent domain and to protect our Iowa communities. Billboards and radio ads are already running but more support would help expand their reach:


  • Ask them to please amend the bill stating 90% of PARCELS must be voluntarily obtained instead of miles and to bring it forward for a full House vote! 
  • The IUB currently works in parcels instead of miles for most projects. Changing the bill to align with this will keep continuity of the process for the IUB and ensure the large corporate farms do not have more of a say than small family farms. If we are going to even discuss allowing eminent domain it must, at minimum, not disenfranchise the small family farms that do not have as large of tracts of land. 
  • These pipelines will carry high pressure Carbon Dioxide.  This is a poison to all living animals.  It behaves as an asphyxiant, making it incredibly difficult for first responders to deal with. This bill ensures safety processes are put in place first prior to allowing these pipelines to be built.
  • CO2 supplies are low and some food processing plants and beverage processing facilities have to cut back on production because they are not able to get enough CO2.  Why aren’t they considering other solutions other than piping it underground for no use to industry or the public?
  • This bill will still allow for the pipeline to be built while protecting private property. Yes, they may have to change their routes to find willing participants but that does not stop the process and as Summit has shown they are finding success finding willing participants. 
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